Let me tell you a bit about myself and how Datflipmel Photo & Films began.

New to Chicago from Fort Lauderdale, I am a Filipina- American, a registered nurse, and a woman with a lust for adventure who possesses a passion for photo and film. 

It all began years ago, when I found interest in creating music videos and posting them on Youtube. Filming and editing gave me an indescribable thrill like no other. It was the first creative outlook where I felt I could truly express myself. As time passed, family gatherings also turned into pristine opportunities to capture those beautiful everlasting moments; and if you knew my crazy family, the funny moments too.

Always having a lust for adventure but missing the excuse to leave home and explore, my travel buddy and now fiancé, Jordan, came into my life at the perfect time. We encouraged each other to always photograph and film our vacations and travels by creating our own versions of travel vlogs. Unbeknownst at the time, this helped to propel my passion to the next level. 

As the founder of Datflipmel Photo & Films, my goal is to help you capture and share those special moments to tell your story, whether it's through wedding videography or portrait photography. 


Check out some of the our Youtube travel videos